How To Make A Meatball

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Thank you for your interest in "How To Make A Meatball."

My mother, Molly Bruno, is truly one-of-a-kind. Some of you have asked for MORE MOLLY. This website is created just for you.  You will find MORE stories, MORE information and MORE MOLLY. 

I am astounded by your responses to the book I wrote about my mom.  I am amazed that many of you have purchased multiple copies.  I wrote the book to be a mentoring source for women who may not have had the kind of Godly, wise mother I had.  My mom's life was an example for The Kendrick Brothers as they were writing the script for the #1 Movie - WAR ROOM"  and they refer to her as "The Modern Day Miss Clara."  So many of you want to know MORE ABOUT MOLLY so I created this website.   I will be posting some more pictures of her on the page titled  "PICTURES".. and adding some stories not included in the book... "MORE MEATBALLS".. and  I've added a page for you to leave your comments... about her.. about the book.. about the LORD. 

ALSO... if you want to "see" her.. you should purchase a copy of the War Room DVD.. and under special features you will find "MOLLY BRUNO: Modern Day MIss Clara"

Thank you so very much.

Marie Armenia